Fordney Foundation Junior and Youth Dance Series



We had a grand time at the Ohio Star Ball.  This being the 40th Anniversary, it was exciting to see all the dancers perform in all genres and the entertainment provided was out of this world.  It seems contestants keep getting better, more professional and really having a good time performing.  Proving to be right up there with the best, was our own youth and junior dancers, as per  Marilyn Fordney’s interview with Nancy Brown.  Marilyn gave out awards for the Fordney Foundation Junior and Youth Dance Series to the 10 top Latin and 10 top Standard. Congratulations to the youth and junior dancers who won awards.



Top 10 – Latin                                                     

10 – Erik Linder & Shelly Meshkausk

Top 10 Latin/Ohio Star Ball

9 – Kevin Filipczak & Danielle Malpa

8 – Anthony Mattos & Eva Zinchenko

7 – David Maimon & Raquel Teper

6 – Matviy Korsunskiy & Alisa Kashkevych

5 – Eric Kashkevych & Daria Andreyev

4 – Leo Kolmykov & Alexa Sosna

3 – Aleksandr Mitronin & Olivia Agranovich

2 – Yusif Amsatr & Naomi Spektor

1 – Dave Firestein & Shelly Umansky


Top 10 – Standard

Top 10 Standard

10 – Tyler Li & Anjelica Lowe

9 – Andrew Tesler & Anna Bogutsky

8 – Yuyang Chang & Ashley Leung

7 – Anthony Mattos & Eva Zinchenko

TIE 5 – Leo Kolmykov & Alexa Sosna

TIE 5 – Arye Raksin & Emma Tesler

4 – Eric Kashkevych & Daria Andreyev

3 – Matthew Zoladkiewica & Elizabete Grigalinovica-Leja

2 – Matviy Korsunskiy & Alisa Kashkevych

1 – Yusif Amsatr & Naomi Spektor





Thought Of The Day:

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