International and American Ballroom Dancing and DanceSport Competitive ballroom dancing began in Paris in 1909 where the first world championships were held. Perhaps you have seen ballroom dancing on television or as part of a movie film story. It has evolved into a sport which is recognized around the world as DanceSport. Rigorous training is required to achieve precise steps and form. Individuals pursuing this art form must achieve flexibility, agility, and understand and learn musical rhythm. Today it is a multibillion dollar industry and is especially popular with Europeans who dominate DanceSport. In DanceSport competitions, judges critique artistic presentation and technical excellence.There are two major styles of ballroom dance–International and American. The International style has two categories–Standard and Latin. Standard consists of waltz, tango, Viennese waltz, fox trot, and quick step. Latin consists of samba, rumba, cha cha, paso doble, and jive. The American style has two categories–Smooth and Rhythm. Smooth consists of waltz, Viennese waltz, tango, fox trot, and quick step. Rhythm consists of samba, rumba, cha cha, and swing.

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