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Fordney Foundation Interviews ‘MusicMills’ Brent Thomas Mills

    About two years ago the Fordney Foundation was selected by Brent Thomas Mills to be part of a musical extravaganza, the likes of a never before done musical project. When Fordney Foundation heard about what the project was about, we were more than delighted to jump on board with the charismatic Brent Thomas […]

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What If…

By now, it probably has become clear to you, that dancing and dancing well can lead to a full time and professional career for the lucky few of us.  I’d like to make you aware of a certain aspect of it, or if you will, an incredible opportunity to compound your interest!  There are those special people in […]

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Dance Legends – Misty Copeland

Sometimes there are dancers that defy the system and push to the top on their sheer velocity and against all odds.  Even though I mostly write about ballroom and dancesport dancers, this dancer deserves mention because she inspires others to go the distance.  I am speaking of the American ballet dancer, Misty Copeland.  Misty is a ballerina for one […]

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Maya Angelou (1928 – 2014)

To say that Maya Angelou is an inspiration and one of the most respected people in the entire world is an understatement.  It is fair to say that thousands upon thousands of people have read and recited her poetry, and her sayings and quotes from one of her many books. She has shared her vision as an activist and […]

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Fordney Foundation Seeks Guest Bloggers

Fordney Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to young people with a desire to compete in DanceSport and Ballroom Competition.  You may be a young aspiring dancer yourself and have a knack for writing about what “dance” means to you.  Or you might have ideas, questions about dance or something interesting regarding dance you might […]

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