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Dance…A Universal Language

For those of you who are taking courses in school and learning another language other than English, I’ve got good news for you!  If you also study ballroom dance and dancesport and wish to become a professional dancer, you are halfway there.  In other words, when you perform professionally as a dancer, it transcends all […]

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Dance Tidbits – Tap Dance

    What dance is as exciting to see and hear at the same time?  That would be Tap dance, which is like no other dance.  The visual effect and enjoyment of viewing a Tap dancer is equal to the sound the actual dancer makes with his shoes.  Tap dance comes with its own music, […]

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Ebb and Flow

I know Ebb and Flow sounds like a couple of characters on a brand new television show. Ebb and flow aren’t really people’s names at all.  Ebb and flow can be a description of life so to speak, as in life there are many highs and lows.  Literally, ebb means the movement of the tide […]

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Dance Tidbits – International Style vs. American Style

If you are planning on becoming a professional ballroom dancer and excelling in dance sport then you must have heard of International and American dance styles.  These terms define ballroom dances that represent areas of dance to be judged in dance competitions.  These categories use almost the same dances but they are different from each other, as one is specific […]

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What It Really Takes

Have you always dreamed of being a ballroom dancer and have already been told that you are the best dancer in your dance class?  Or maybe when you watch a show like Dancing With The Stars and see the magnificent couples dancing beautiful ballroom dances, you dream that one day, that will be you gliding […]

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Hair Do’s That Dance Well

        The “up do” has never had it so good!  This year’s in vogue coiffure centers around the “up do.” Look at any awards show or model runway shows and you will see a number of intriguing “up do’s” that are quite elegant and sometimes very elaborate. That’s good news for dancers.  […]

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Simply said, diversity is the quality or state of being, composed of many different elements or types. I think this word describes dancers perfectly!  As competitive dancers will tell you, it’s hurry up and learn this step or routine, so you can quickly learn five more steps in time for the show and of course, […]

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Marilyn Fordney Interview – June 30, 2013

In keeping up with “interesting dance people,” we think you’d like to know about, there is probably no one more engaging than the person I’m presenting to you this week. It was my pleasure to sit down and interview the very impressive Director and Founder of Fordney Foundation to find out who this diminutive woman […]

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Dance 4 Wellness 5th Annual Dance Showcase & Anniversary Celebration June 6, 2013

We want to personally thank Maria Durant, the owner of Dance 4 Wellness for inviting the Fordney Foundation as guests to an extraordinary evening event of dinner, live music, dancing and student performances. Ms. Durant is a very accomplished dancer and we were treated to incredibly exciting performances by her, her incredible instructors and her […]

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Interview with Mindy Krasner May 5, 2013

In continuing with our interviews with interesting and exciting “dance” people we think you’d like to know, we are pleased to to present Mindy Krasner to our readers.  We were very taken by Mindy on many levels.  Mindy is a professional ballet dancer who hails from New York City.  She has also toured the world […]

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