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Align Yourself With Your Highest Calling

Often times when a new season occurs, it can be a good time to kind of take a look at ourselves and see where we’re at. How do you feel? What do you think? What’s bothering you? What makes you happy? What challenges you? What’s missing? What would you like to accomplish in the next […]

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You’ve Got Rhythm

  Now that daylight savings time has traded places with the proverbial standard time, I thought I would bring up some interesting pointers in the “rhythm” category. Since all dancers must have rhythm to fully execute their dancing styles, these helpful hints will ensure your success in both dancing and your all around health. In […]

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Happiness Is A Thing Called Dance

If you ask a lot of people what makes them happy, you will get a lot of different answers. Sometimes happiness is like the elusive dream we are all trying to catch.  But if you ask a dancer what happiness is, 9 times out of 10, they are going to say the same thing, “dancing makes […]

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Hot vs. Tepid

It’s a fact, if you are going to participate in ballroom/dancesport, you must be prepared for anything. I thought I would share with you some pointers that are slightly not so obvious or you may be taking for granted. If you can grasp what I’m trying to point out, it can make all the difference […]

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Holy Dance

You’ve heard of the “Holy Grail” which is a vessel that serves as an important spiritual cup. In literature, it is described as a dish or stone with miraculous powers. It is said that the “Holy Grail” can provide happiness, eternal youth or even infinite abundance. Now, taking “Holy” in a different direction, namely our […]

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Dear Dancer

Today I wanted to share a little something with you personally from my heart and my experience. As a person who loves dance and admires your talent and abilities to follow your hopes, dreams and your passion for dance, here are few tidbits that could make the road to success a bit easier to endure. […]

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Pro-Am and You

In the past I have defined what Pro-Am is, how it may affect you and what your options are? I told you I would be asking you some questions about Pro-Am one day too. Yes, I am asking questions but as always, I’m also here to help you sort out priorities and put things in perspective. […]

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Hug The World

The world needs a hug right about now. This is the time of year where we reflect mostly on ourselves. What can we improve on. What can we make better about ourselves. It goes along with the promise and potential the New Year brings and it’s usually only about us. But the world needs a hug […]

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