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Pro-Am and You

In the past I have defined what Pro-Am is, how it may affect you and what your options are? I told you I would be asking you some questions about Pro-Am one day too. Yes, I am asking questions but as always, I’m also here to help you sort out priorities and put things in perspective. […]

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Costumes and YOU! – Part 4

With competition season upon us, it is time to spruce up our tactics and make ourselves known and present on that dance floor. In Part 3, you’ve learned what you need to wear in competitions. Of course, it is important to dress age appropriate and according to your dance level. It is also about dancing […]

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Costumes and YOU! – Part 3

Now that you have a basic knowledge of dance costumes of years past, let’s focus on the modern day costumes preferably for competition and dancesport. After all, ballroom dancing has a lot to do with appearance and expectations regarding your performance. Something dancers don’t realize is that dance costumes have to look good from a […]

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What’s In Your DanceSport Bag

Shoes, stockings/socks, eye liner, lipstick, gel pads, hair bands, water bottles, pins, hairspray, , brushes, barrettes, a towel, wipes, band-aids, tape, protein bars, pens, notebooks and food snacks are all expected to be in a dancer’s bags.  All these “things” are necessary, helpful and useful for our dance class/workout schedules.  These are items you probably […]

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Eyes On You

Your eyes are windows to the dancer in you! You can be every bit as professional as a makeup artist. When it comes to applying makeup yourself, a few tips can make life easier when there just doesn’t happen to be a makeup artist around and/or it’s just time to learn how to do it yourself. A […]

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