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What’s In Your DanceSport Bag

Shoes, stockings/socks, eye liner, lipstick, gel pads, hair bands, water bottles, pins, hairspray, , brushes, barrettes, a towel, wipes, band-aids, tape, protein bars, pens, notebooks and food snacks are all expected to be in a dancer’s bags.  All these “things” are necessary, helpful and useful for our dance class/workout schedules.  These are items you probably […]

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Dance Tidbits – The Rumba

Come party!  That is the original meaning of Rumba taken from the Cuban/Spanish word rumbo which means to party.  This is kind of an interesting name for a dance that did not start out to be a party at all. Rumba was first danced in the 16th century originating in Cuba.  This famous dance has influences […]

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A Dancer’s Secret Weapon

All dancers know that they will be devoting a lot of time to their “dance sport” if they want to become professional and win competitions. We are all different and may achieve results in various ways but there is one thing that is a constant for all dancers, and that is stamina.  We need it. Stamina is physical and […]

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Dance Tidbits – Swing

If you think Lindy is just a girl’s name, think again.  Lindy (Hop) is the name of the original and most popular form of Swing dance.  All other versions of Swing dance were derived from the Lindy Hop with little twists and slight variations along the way. The United States is the home of the swing, […]

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Divine Dance

You are so lucky!  You know what you want to do and that is to dance. Having purpose makes life  so much easier to achieve goals because we have direction. It’s almost like you’ve been blessed and given amazing gifts. In time you will come to cherish  these gifts and understand their true meaning. One of the most beautiful things […]

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Dance Tidbits

Waltz this way or that way! The Waltz may seem rather stately and regal but in the Thirteenth Century it was considered taboo. That was because the couples danced in a close manner (apparently a little too close for the Thirteenth Century) never seen or accepted before. By the time the late 1780’s came around, […]

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Eyes On You

Your eyes are windows to the dancer in you! You can be every bit as professional as a makeup artist. When it comes to applying makeup yourself, a few tips can make life easier when there just doesn’t happen to be a makeup artist around and/or it’s just time to learn how to do it yourself. A […]

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Dance Tidbits

I’m sure you have all heard the saying, “It Takes Two To Tango” which usually means it’s not just one person’s doing but definitely two people are involved in the situation. Well, I can see how they got that expression because the Tango is one of the only dances in the world where you start in dance […]

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So You Think You Can Dance…But What Do Your Feet Have To Say About It

A lot. What most dancers don’t realize is that dancing is a sport just like all other demanding sports where the body and in this particular case, the foot is put into motion constantly. It’s this constant, repetitive movement that causes foot problems. It is well known that runners have the most problems with their […]

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Dance Tidbits

Samba this y’all. Okay, you feel so good because you learned to do the Samba. As a dancer and an artist you will have opportunities to share with others about what you know. It doesn’t hurt to have a little history about the dances you have mastered. When you hear Samba, you think South American, […]

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