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Photo by Alex Havasi

Yay…Go Team!

Is it or isn’t it dancing…that is the question?  Cheerleading in general can range from yelling to intense physical activity.  Let’s examine what “cheerleading” is.  Routines usually range from one to three minutes, which may contain tumbling, dancing, jumping, cheers and various acrobatic stunts. Cheerleading originated in the United States and remains predominately American.  There […]

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My Tribute

This blog is dedicated to all the dancers who just love to dance for the sake of dance. It’s a message from my heart that I get to share with you, as a personal tribute to some very special people in my family. I have a sister-in-law who used to entertain USO Troops as a […]

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What the Future Looks Like – Naomi and Yusif

The Fordney Foundation is proud and excited to do an interview with two people who really can shake up a dance floor.  Naomi Spektor and Yusif Amsatr are our 2015 winners of the Youth and Junior Latin and Standard competitions at the Arnold Youth Dancesport Classic.  Together these two young dancers have won a total of $8,000 from […]

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Spotlight – April 2016

Welcome back to our second month of Spotlight.  You can now find the current dance series events taking place for the upcoming month here.  Fordney Foundation is part of these events, so we encourage all of our young, dancer friends, to find out how you can enter these competitions and maybe be the recipient of a ribbon or […]

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