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Dance Tidbits: Dances of Italy

When I think of Italy, I think of all the fabulous food that comes out of that country. Most Americans are hooked on Italian cooking, i.e. pizza, pasta and focaccia bread, etc. We have embraced Italian cuisine for centuries in this country. Just like their wonderful cooking, I find the people warm, friendly and full […]

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The Dulaine Method

Remember in past blogs, I’ve been telling you, that within Ballroom Dancing and Dancesport, there could be many opportunities to be part of the business or inspirational sides of dance, while dancing (yourself) or not.  I am presenting to you today, Mr. Pierre Dulaine, who is one of those people who took advantage of not only being a dancer […]

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What is Oktoberfest

A lot of people have heard of Oktoberfest, but don’t know much about it, other than the fact that it happens in October. When I think of Oktoberfest, I think of it as a fun time to dance. So for those of you, who have never attended an Oktoberfest, let’s fill you in, as to […]

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