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Dance Tidbits – Dances of Japan

To the Japanese people, dance is an important part of their lives. And it is equally important not only to the participant but the spectators too. Much of the Japanese culture derives its folk dancing around the Shinto and Buddhist faiths. Dancing in ancient times was used to pray and honor the Gods.  Shinto is […]

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For centuries dance has been an integral part of culture. Long before the birth of the earliest human civilizations, there were ceremonies, rituals, and celebrations that took place in the form of dance. It is hard to pinpoint exactly when dance started but archaeology has indicated traces of dance from prehistoric times. In India, early […]

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Dance Legends – Twyla Tharp

As you go forward in your dance careers, it may be important to learn about the “dance professionals” in the world and understand how they impacted dance. It gives us perspective and allows you to fully embrace your craft with not only precision but knowledge too. I would like to introduce a new series, designed to […]

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