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A Celebration of Legends
 – Sam Sodano

The BBC&C Lifetime Achievement Award was established in 2010 to recognize individuals who have been exemplary in their dedication, professionalism and accomplishments within the ballroom industry.  They have upheld a standard of continued excellence throughout their career and continue to inspire and enrich those who share their passion for dance. Past honorees include Margaret Redmond (2010), […]

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 – Sam Sodano Continue Reading →

We All Need Inspiration

        This week I’d like to acknowledge the change in the season and the beginning of new paths about to be taken. If you are going back to school or taking new dance lessons/classes or maybe some of you are starting a new job, we wish you well! As we go forward […]

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Dance Tidbits: Dances of India

Dances of India vary depending on style, tradition, religion, state (yes India has states like us) and regions. The various climate conditions alone have made India a diverse country. One thing is certain, no matter what part of India you go to, the dances will vary slightly and the costumes will always be colorful, intriguing […]

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Be A Phenom

Start today, be the best you can be! Phenom is a word that is short for phenomenal. Dancers who own this title are few and far in between. Sure, there are exceptional dancers in all dance categories, but are they phenoms? A phenom is a person who is outstandingly talented or admired, especially an up-an-comer. […]

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