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Dance Tidbits: Hungarian Dances

  In most countries of the world, it is legendary that the cultural attributes defining that country are rich in tradition, especially when it comes to dance. For example, Hawaii and Africa take great pride in preserving their cultural dances and rituals making sure they are passed down from generation to generation exhibiting pure and […]

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Speed Limits

There are no speed limits when you’re traveling at the rate of your own beliefs! Could be that I just said something that may go over your heads completely. On the other hand, if it sounds kind of interesting, fasten your seat belts and take a ride with me. If you’ve got gusto, you’ve got […]

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Dance Tidbits – Costa Rican Dances

Costa Rica means in Spanish, “rich coast.” It is a country in Central America. Costa Rica borders Nicaragua, Panama, Ecuador, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.  Costa Rica is a third world country. If ever there was a country rich in dance, especially traditional dances, Costa Rica is a top contender. Costa Rican dances […]

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