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Dance Tidbits – Flash Mob Dancing

Denver Airport Holiday Flash Mob If you ever envisioned yourself as a rising star, dancer or performer, I’ve got the perfect dance for you!  It’s exciting, sensational and spontaneous.  I’m talking about Flash Mob Dancing.  It is a fairly new dance mania that has taken the world by surprise.  To me it’s like the film […]

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Begin, Again, Anew

  No matter what anyone tells you, no matter what happens in your life, you can always get up and start again.  That’s what life is about. I was inspired by Robin Roberts, who I once heard say, “Begin, Again, Anew.”  This could not be a more perfect saying for dancers.  And she truly means […]

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Maya Angelou (1928 – 2014)

To say that Maya Angelou is an inspiration and one of the most respected people in the entire world is an understatement.  It is fair to say that thousands upon thousands of people have read and recited her poetry, and her sayings and quotes from one of her many books. She has shared her vision as an activist and […]

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Best Foot Forward

    Fordney Foundation’s Director, Marilyn Fordney and her husband, Assistant Director, Sandor Havasi, were invited to the 6th Annual Best Foot Forward Dance Festival Competition. Best Foot Forward is a non profit organization based in Calabasas, CA.  They are dedicated to changing the lives of elementary school age children one step at a time through the […]

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