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Dance…A Universal Language

For those of you who are taking courses in school and learning another language other than English, I’ve got good news for you!  If you also study ballroom dance and dancesport and wish to become a professional dancer, you are halfway there.  In other words, when you perform professionally as a dancer, it transcends all […]

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Dance Tidbits – Tap Dance

    What dance is as exciting to see and hear at the same time?  That would be Tap dance, which is like no other dance.  The visual effect and enjoyment of viewing a Tap dancer is equal to the sound the actual dancer makes with his shoes.  Tap dance comes with its own music, […]

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Ebb and Flow

I know Ebb and Flow sounds like a couple of characters on a brand new television show. Ebb and flow aren’t really people’s names at all.  Ebb and flow can be a description of life so to speak, as in life there are many highs and lows.  Literally, ebb means the movement of the tide […]

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Unique Cultural Event: Sister Cities

    On the afternoon of February 27, 2014, the director and assistant director of the Fordney Foundation attended an event at the Lake Sherwood Country Club where the City of Thousand Oaks established a Sister City with the Shibei District, Qingdao City, in China.  Shibei District/Qingdao City is considered to be one of the cleanest and most beautiful […]

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Dancing with Our Local Schools Private Fundraising Event February 22, 2014

  If you have been one of the 3,000 4 th to 8th grade students that learned how to dance through the Dancing with Our Local Schools program (DWOLS) or one of the 400 students from 6 schools in the Conejo Valley presently learning to dance, consider yourself lucky! On February 22, 2014, Dance 4 […]

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