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You Don’t Need A Crystal Ball

Every dancer knows it takes hard work to become a professional ballroom dancer.   If you want a career in professional dancesport, there  is continuous practice and lessons involved.  Don’t we all wish that we had a crystal ball that we could just ask to be the best dancer in town!  Well, how about a “genie?!” Every […]

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Dance Tidbits – Paso Doble

I don’t know about you, but when I watch the dancers on Dancing With The Stars dance the Paso Doble, I’m always transfixed at how magnificent the movements, costumes and steps are.  In my opinion, the Paso Doble  is the most entertaining of all the Latin dances. Paso Doble originated in southern France.  It became popular in the 1930’s.  […]

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Hair Do’s That Dance Well

        The “up do” has never had it so good!  This year’s in vogue coiffure centers around the “up do.” Look at any awards show or model runway shows and you will see a number of intriguing “up do’s” that are quite elegant and sometimes very elaborate. That’s good news for dancers.  […]

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Dance Tidbits – Merengue

Merengue is the national dance of both the Dominican Republic and Haiti.  It has existed since the early 1900’s.  It is also the name of my favorite pie.  Merengue could possibly have gotten its name because the people who started this dance were slaves who worked in sugar beet fields.  Meringue is also a confection […]

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Simply said, diversity is the quality or state of being, composed of many different elements or types. I think this word describes dancers perfectly!  As competitive dancers will tell you, it’s hurry up and learn this step or routine, so you can quickly learn five more steps in time for the show and of course, […]

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