Fordney Foundation

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The Fordney Foundation is a non-profit foundation for dance sport that was established in May, 2002.
The Fordney Foundation provides young people with a gift for the sport grants that allow them to
train and compete in dance sport competition.


What Is The ISTP?

  Just like with any other profession, dance and teaching of dance has its roots and responsibilities. I try to share all aspects of dance with you, and I think it is important to know about the ISTP. One of the things that you may or may not know is, there is a society to educate […]

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So Exactly What Is Pro-Am?

When it comes to Ballroom Dance and DanceSport, you hear the expression Pro-Am a lot. I’m going to help define it for you here. I would like to give credit to Dance Zone USA for their explanation in helping to explain Pro-Am in easy terms and so well, I could not have done it any […]

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Dance Titdbits: Dances of the Native American Indian – Part 2

Awhile back I did a blog on the American Indian. This is Part 2 on the Native American Indian.   I must reference how most Americans see the Native American Indians in movies, where the cowboys fight the Indians, and they are mostly the “bad guys.” Nothing could be further from the truth. These people are gentle […]

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Loren Silverman and Gabriella Sigal at Colina Middle School  


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