Fordney Foundation

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The Fordney Foundation is a non-profit foundation for dance sport that was established in May, 2002.
The Fordney Foundation provides young people with a gift for the sport grants that allow them to
train and compete in dance sport competition.



Nothing is wrong with you at all. Actually, on a good day when things are going well, you can honestly say, “everything is perfect.” But for those among us who like to explore new horizons, find another way, learn something new, be more productive, become more calm, a better listener, a better swimmer, dancer, friend, […]

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We Get Mail…and We’re Sharing It With You!

The Fordney Foundation has been so pleased with our association with American DanceWheels Foundation (ADF).  From the moment we found out about this non-profit organization dedicated to dancers with and without disabilities, we were instant fans!  We admire the work and opportunities created by this wonderful foundation to bring dance to those who want to dance and by not letting […]

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Dance Through The Eyes of an Artist

I recently took a weekend vacation to catch up on visiting some local museums across town.  It is something I love to do and I can never do it enough.  There is nothing like “the museum experience” and it always makes me feel like I’m getting outside myself and doing something very special.  As a person who creates art of various forms, it […]

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Loren Silverman and Gabriella Sigal at Colina Middle School  


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