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Fordney Foundation

DanceSport is...art, sport, competition, achievement, partnership

The Fordney Foundation is a non-profit foundation for dance sport that was established in May, 2002.
The Fordney Foundation provides young people with a gift for the sport grants that allow them to
train and compete in dance sport competition.


It’s True What They Say…about dance

      I don’t know about you, but I can absolutely tell you that dancing has changed my life for the better.  I know too, that Marilyn Fordney, Founder and Director of Fordney Foundation feels the exact same way.  Hint:  that’s probably why we are here {:-).  All through my life I have used dancing […]

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Our Own Dance

    I have always been curious and mesmerized by the Whirling Dervish dance.  When Marilyn Fordney suggested that I write a blog about it, I jumped right on it.  It seems that I finally found a dance that is so rich in mysticism and spirituality, that any dance movement at all will work!  No […]

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Dance In The Olympics (One Day)

  One of the longtime dreams and goals of the Fordney Foundation and Marilyn Fordney, is to see ballroom dancing be part of the Olympics programming both in Winter and Summer scheduling.  So far, it is a work in progress and the dream is coming closer and closer to becoming a reality.  And, it actually […]

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Loren Silverman and Gabriella Sigal at Colina Middle School  


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